Spice Drawer Audit Checklist

Spice Quarter Spice Drawer Audit Checklist
  • Do you have dozens of herbs and spices in your pantry?
  • Have you thrown out expired jars of herbs and spices that were still half-full?
  • Do you have jars of spices that you only ever used once?
  • Do you have herbs and spices you don't even know how to use?
  • Have you started cooking a recipe only to find that you don't have a key spice mix?
  • Have you looked at the ingredients listed on a jar of spice and wondered what they are?
Then this guide is for you.
Your spice drawer is the heart of your pantry. Spices add vibrancy and flavour that elevates simple, healthy cooking.
This guide will help you understand what lies in your spice drawer and how to buy the right spices for your family. 
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