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We have collected all our best recipe videos on one page. Learn how to use a variety of spice blends to make quick, delicious and nutritious meals.  Get your own in the Gourmet Spice Set or in a Monthly Subscription Box.

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Nawabi Spice Blend

Mughlai food is rich and aromatic and it has heavily inflenced the current cuisines in places like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is no wonder that this style of food is immensely popular. 

Our Indian inspired spice blend is fragrant and delicious as a rice dish with meat or veg.

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Rib Rub Spice Blend

What a better way to enjoy the barbecue and outdoor entertainment season than with succulent lamb ribs, a cool glass of wine or an icy cold, crisp beer? The easiest way to entertain this summer is to use our Rib Rub spice blend.

How is that even possible, you ask. Well, we combined 8 different spices into our Rib Rub Spice Blend so you don't have to worry about getting the flavours right.

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Healthy Breakfast Spice Blend

The key to great granola is choosing the right ingredients. With our Healthy Breakfast Spice Blend we have created a combination of spices that are perfectly suited to make a healthy breakfast staple that the whole family can enjoy.

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Pickling Spice Blend

Pickling has been used as a method of preservation around the world since 2400 B.C. Today you can find pickled foods practically anywhere. Some examples are the salted duck eggs in China, tangy Kinchi in Korea or spicy chutneys from India.

Our recipe for steamed buns or baos and tangy pickled vegetables is the perfect family meal.

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Caribbean Jerk Spice Blend

Travelling to the Carribean with a very simple recipe - Mojito Chicken. This recipe is so easy and so fool-proof that even the laziest of cooks can make it!

What makes it so special? It is the rum! Try spiced or flavoured rum for an exotic twist or replace with tequila for a more intense flavour. 

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Satay Spice Blend

I do love a great satay. It goes well with almost anything. Use it as a dip, stir it in as a sauce or pour over as a topping. 

Our Satay Spice Blend has a fine balance of spicy and earthy with cumin, chilli and sesame seeds. These ingredients have been chosen to balance the richness of the peanuts. As you assimilate all the ingredients gently over a low heat the flavours meld together into something quite special.

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Chermoula Salmon

Since it is summer here in the southern hemisphere, it is the best time of year for fresh salmon! The best way to hero this beautiful seafood and do justice to it is to keep it simple. 

However, I am not a fan of bland flavours so the challenge here is to use bold, vibrant flavours without overpowering the salmon. 

Enter - Chermoula!

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Tikka Spice Blend

Who doesn't love a great kebab? There is something about chunks of meat and veg, slathered in spicy marinade, grilled with the perfect char and covered in a soothing yoghurt dressing. I am hungry just thinking back to the day we made these beauties. 

We have combined the skewers with a cooling yoghurt dip in case you find the spice mix a little hot. Use the dip on top of the skewers they way we served it or set it in a bowl so your guests can help themselves. 

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Bush Spice Blend

Soft buttery scones fresh from the oven are so comforting! Remember the ones your nanna made? With fresh cream and sweet jam. What a wonderful childhood memory!

This recipe for scones is comfort food for the adults but with a twist!

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Garlic Steak Spice Blend

This recipe is so simple that it only needs two ingredients, and one of them is our Garlic Steak Spice Blend!

Use this mix with a piece of steak to get a crunchy char on the outside while keeping the inside moist and juicy

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Za'tar Spice Blend

Za'atar is rich and warm middle eastern blend that is delicious on its own or as a topping to home made flatbread. 

Or dunk some bread in olive oil followed by the Za'atar dry spice mix for a soft and crunchy snack

It is easy to bring middle eastern flavours to your home with our Za'atar Spice Blend

Find out how here.

Portuguese Spice Blend

Bring the flavours of Portugal into your home with our simple savoury Portuguese pancakes. This blend has over 10 different spices specially chosen to be perfectly flavourful.

You can also use this blend as a marinade on chicken wings or in stews with vegetables!

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Dukkah Spice Blend

If there is ever a spice that has suddenly emerged on every foodie's lips, it is Dukkah. This spice, of Egyptian origin, is a mix of herbs, spices and nuts and can be used in so many ways. 

Like Za'atar, Dukkah can be used as a dip or topping with fresh bread and olive oil. It can also be used sprinkled over steamed vegetables, stirred through homemade hummus or crusted over meat and seafood. 

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Seafood Sensation Spice Blend

With this recipe, we  introduced a new cooking technique to the Spice Quarter recipe collection, poaching.  

This recipe is simplicity defined! It is a recipe that uses standard pantry ingredients with inexpensive white fish and our Seafood Sensation spice blend. Let us show you how to transform just a few simple ingredients into an impressive seafood dish!  

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Adobo Spice Blend

Adobo, is a result of eclectic influences, both regional & historical that come together in the Filipino dishes. Philippine cooking showcases history more than just being a national cuisine.

Colonization of Philippines brought in a big evolution to the Filipino cuisine and Adobo was one of the Spanish inspired recipes

Find out how to cook with this spice blend here.

Berbere Spice Blend

Berbere is a spice mix native to the eastern horn of Africa. It is commonly found in countries like Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.

In taste it is a mixture of spicy and bitter flavours and it goes well with meat of any kind. The composition of this blend makes it ideal as a crust or as a flavour for soups and stews.

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Old Bay Spice Blend

Old Bay is an American spice blend that goes amazingly well with seafood. The origins of old bay seasoning are in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Virginia. The inventor of this blend was Gustav Brunn a German who arrived in the United States in 1938.

It has a tangy and smoky flavour that enhances any form of seafood. It is most commonly used with crams, clams and other shellfish

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Montreal Spice Blend

This month we detour to Canada and introduce the Montreal spice blend. You may also know it as Montreal Steak Seasoning. While steak is the common ingredient this blend is used with, we at Spice Quarter tried a unique vegetarian twist

The Montreal spice is a mix of sweet and spicy and it goes well with juicy tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and fried onions.

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Malaysian Spice Blend

Nyonya cuisine comes from the  Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia. Their cuisine combined Chinese, Malay and other influences.

We were really excited to develop and craft this Malaysian Spice Blend because we love all the food from the Asian subcontinent. With this recipe, you only need three ingredients, potatoes, chicken and coconut milk. 

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Aussie Spice Blend

It is difficult to define what kind of flavour symbolises Australia but we have given it our best shot. What do you think of when you picture Australia? Sunburnt red earth, warm land, cold oceans and sandy beaches? That is what we see every day here in Australia.

We have tried to capture this in the Aussie spice blend. It is red like the land, it is smoky and warm like the air but with hints of coolness like oceans!

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Ras El Hanout Spice Blend

Ras El Hanout is a North African spice mix that is usually used to make dishes with meat, rice or couscous. Did you know that Ras El Hanout translates to 'Head Of The Shop'? It means that it was a mix of the best spices available.

We are so thrilled to introduce our Spiced Pistachio Kulfi. A simple recipe, easy to make the previous night and a sure-fire hit at that dinner party!

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Red Thai Spice Blend

Who doesn't love a good curry? Curry is usually a time-consuming recipe that takes a lot of preparation and precise cooking to get the best flavour.

At Spice Quarter we aim to make restaurant-quality food easy and fun to cook at home. That is why we took on the challenge of creating a Red Thai Curry Spice Blend for everyday home cooks.

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Cajun Spice Blend

Cajun cuisine originated in Louisiana and we explored it in depth during a recent trip to New Orleans. It was there that we were inspired to add a twist to the traditional lasagna with a cajun blend that transports us right back to our holiday!

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Mexican Spice Blend

When you think of Mexican food, you must think of tacos, burritos and nachos, right?

But Mexican flavours are so diverse and adaptable that they can be used in many different preparations! 

We have added a new item to the Mexican Food scene with this Stuffed Onion Rings recipe. A spicy potato filling with cheese and our Mexican Spice Blend make this the perfect snack food for any occasion. 

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African Spice Blend

The best known form of African cuisine is the North African delicacies. We enjoy African cuisine so much that we have introduced it not once, but twice at Spice Quarter. Today we have prepared a simple soup that is perfect for colder months when you want to snuggle on the couch with a warm bowl of nourishing soup.

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Apple Pie Spice Blend

Is there anything more comforting than a warm apple pie?

This recipe is a French take on the popular Apple Pie and uses filo pastry for an easy pie base. The beauty of this recipe is that the pastry goes on top to crisp up then you flip it out to reveal the apple goodness within!

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Paprikash Spice Blend

Polynesian cuisine is very closely connected to the elements of nature like food and earth. This cuisine is known for using natural elements to their fullest. 

We hope you enjoy this lovely blend in this simple one-pot Paprikash Chicken recipe. 

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Harissa Spice Blend

Harissa is a middle eastern spice blend. It is also found in Africa and has a characteristic spice to it. This spice blend is packed with so much flavour that there is no end to how you can use it! We have made a simple yet flavorful one-pan dish with chicken and chickpeas. This meal is perfect for family dinners and is a certain crowd pleaser

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Roasting Spice Blend

Chicken thigh is such a versatile cut of meat. It is easy to cook, does not dry out and takes on so much flavourWe favour the double cooking method - pan fry on both sides then pop it in the oven to cook through. Of course, you must add the spice and seasoning mix in first! If you need dinner in a hurry or an easy to assemble appetiser for your next social event, then this recipe is perfect! 

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Curry Spice Blend

Everyone loves a curry but did you know that a spice blend made for curry can also be used to roast your favourite veg? Oven-roasting vegetables with a curry spice blend makes the vegetables aromatic and adds a beautiful depth of complexity to the taste. This salad is perfect for summer barbeques or lunchbox meals. We have used yoghurt rather than sour cream to make it healthy as well as tasty!

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Greek Spice Blend

We were craving a Greek entree for a house party and we hit upon this Greek spice blend. I would love to say it was super easy but really we spent hours mixing lots of spices before we hit the right combination. It was so hard to keep eating wings until we got the right balance of spices, I am not joking! Haha, yes I am! It was loads of fun and we hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!

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Italian Spice Blend

Mamma Mia! Italian food is often so simple that it only has 3 or 4 ingredients but boy does it taste fantastic! If you have ever had an authentic Italian pizza you may have realised that it has just three basic ingredients - dough, sauce and cheese and somehow it tastes like warm sunshine and an afternoon siesta.

Now you too can make pizza at home with our Italian spice blend. Not only pizza, you can use this in Lasagna, Ragu or even soups

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Chinese 5 Spice Blend

We have been planning a Chinese spice blend for a long time and which blend from Chinese cuisine is more well-known than the 5 spice blend?

There are so many ways to use this blend, it is incredibly versatile. We have kept it simple with these homemade dumplings. Dumplings are very easy to make, you don't need to know any fancy techniques, just fold the wrapper over the mixture and seal the edges

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