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How many times have you discovered a new recipe, but then looked at the list of ingredients and become dismayed? Felt overwhelmed at the number of spices you’ve never heard of, let alone had in your cupboard, and have no idea where to even buy them?

Spice Quarter’s founders Aarjit and Megna have felt this frustration too. As enthusiastic and adventurous home cooks, they love exploring all the delights the world’s cuisines offer. But they were frequently put off by needing to buy expensive ingredients and only needing a tiny amount.

They both come from rich spice-blending heritage. Their mothers and grandmothers had a spice recipe for everything from family favourite meals to a winter cold! They saw the opportunity to use their family heritage to create a range of dry spice blends that packed all the flavours needed to create a stunning home meal and combined it with simple recipes that use common pantry ingredients

And so, Spice Quarter was born. Our range of hand-blended, premium spice mixes, with no fillers or additives, make it easy to bring the world’s food to your kitchen. And with our subscription model, you don’t even need to leave your house, as you can buy our spices online, with free Australian delivery.

Spice Quarter – an Australian online spice shop

At Spice Quarter, we make it easy to buy premium spices online, with free Australian delivery. We supply you with freshly blended spice mixes together with matching recipe cards, including vegetarian alternatives. Our spice blends are organic, with no MSG, fillers or additives. We also take care to ensure our products are vegan and paleo friendly, so you can adapt how you use our spice blends to how you prefer to eat.

Choose the delivery model that works for you 

Buying our spice blends couldn’t be easier. With our subscription model, all you need to do is choose if you want a monthly delivery (cancel any time!) or if you want to pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months.

With our easy to follow recipes and pre-blended spice mixes, we help take the stress out of cooking dinner. Relax with a glass of wine or a beer while your kitchen fills with the mouth-watering aromas of our spice blends, perfectly crafted to delight your tastebuds.

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Order a subscription spice box, create your own spice box, or buy a gift for someone special. And remember, delivery in Australia is free!

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