The Best Herbs and Spices for Better Family Health

The Best Herbs and Spices for Better Family Health

Us humans have been using different herbs and spices since ancient times for medicinal, spiritual and food preparation purposes. There are many cultures that still rely on traditional cures for common illnesses.

That is why, at Spice Quarter, we believe that everyone should use herbs and spices in their diet regularly. Not only does this add flavour and freshness to your meals but it is also good for your health!

Today we have investigated just how the most commonly used herbs and spices can benefit the health of your family.


Healthy Benefits of Garlic

Apart from having immense culinary qualities, garlic also has a lot of medicinal value. According to this post, garlic helps to reduce cholesterol, is an antioxidant an aphrodisiac and an antibiotic! It also improves immunity, detoxifies the body and prevents against a number of allergies.


Spice Quarter Health Benefits of Thyme

Related to mint, this herb has amazing flavour and aroma. It serves as an important seasoning in French and Creole cuisines and is often used in soups, tomato sauce, bean and corn dishes. According to Health Nut News, thyme has anti-rheumatic, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Thyme is packed full of antioxidants and may even have cancer-preventing properties.


Basil Health

Basil is used in both, its fresh and dried forms. According to this post by Whfoods, basil has very good anti-bacterial benefits. Basil also has anti-inflammatory properties and may assist in cardiovascular health. Basil also contains magnesium which is essential for muscular health.


Sage Health

Sage has the ability to improve brain function, lower inflammation throughout the body and prevent chronic diseases. Sage also has the ability to improve cognitive brain function, memory and concentration. It is also high in Vitamin K which is essential for bone health.


Mint Benefits

Mint is an extremely aromatic herb that can be used in a variety of ways. Not only is it refreshing as a drink (and great in cocktails!), it is also used in toothpaste, perfumes and makeup.
According to Healthy Juicing, mint helps to strengthen the liver, relieve asthma and freshen the breath. It can also help with indigestion. 


Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is widely used in the cuisines of south Asian countries. Usually, a pinch of turmeric is added to dishes while cooking. This adds colour and contributes many health benefits. Turmeric is a well known anti-inflammatory compound that may also help ward off diseases like cancer according to Body and Soul. It can also improve digestive health and help maintain the health of the liver. 


Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Benefits

Cayenne Pepper is actually a type of red pepper that is dried and powdered. Similar to red chillies, it adds both heat and flavour to meals. According to Nutrition and You, Cayenne Pepper is high in Vitamin A and it is used in formulations to treat arthritic pain. It can also boost circulation and help relieve colds.


 Cinnamon Health

Cinnamon has been used for centuries in cuisines around the world, from Egypt to Sri Lanka and further. Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savoury cuisines and it has a distinctive yet pleasant smell. It is also used in air fresheners, candles and other sensory items. According to Authority Nutrition cinnamon is helpful for diabetics because it helps to regulate the production of the hormone insulin. It can also help to reduce the risk of heart disease and control high blood pressure. Cinnamon oil has also been used in some cultures to treat bacterial infections and minor scrapes and cuts. 



Cumin Health Benefits

Cumin is a well known dried spice. It is. According to Organic Facts, cumin aids digestion and chewing on a few dried cumin seeds can help settle a restless stomach or cure nausea. It can also help cure colds and it has a high iron content which helps to prevent anaemia. 



Chillies are consumed both fresh and dried. Best known for the heat they impart to any dish, adding chillies to your diet will also help improve your health. According to Body and Soul, chillies are full of Vitamin C. They can help fight sinus infections, preserve other foods and it may also assist in weight loss. 


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