Spice Quarter Australia | Za'atar Spice Blend | Manakish Flatbread

Spice Quarter Australia | Za'atar Spice Blend | Manakish Flatbread

Za'atar is a mix of nuts, herbs and spices that have been roasted and pounded into a coarse mix. It has its roots in the middle east and often, each housewife would have her own signature and secret style of making it! The exact recipe would be passed down from one generation to the next. 

In recent years Za'atar has become popular worldwide due to its versatility and of course its deliciousness!

At Spice Quarter we love Za'atar because it is one of few spice blends that do not require cooking! Za'atar can be consumed on its own, as a dip or a topping to accompany a variety of dishes like bread, eggs or as an addition to soups, hummus, meats and vegetables.

There are so many recipes on how to use za'atar that we spent a long time choosing the perfect one. In the end, we decided to go back to ancient times and try out a recipe that reflects the most ancient way in which this spice mix was used - with bread.

You may wonder what Manakish is? Manakish is a lovely word that describes exactly what this dish is. In Arabic, it translates to dough that has been flattened and then pressed with the fingertips to create hollows for toppings. 

Isn't that wonderful? This method of cooking is so prevalent in the middle east that it has its own word!

Traditionally,  in places like Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon,  women would bake dough in a communal oven in the morning. This would provide their family with their daily bread needs. Different toppings would be used for different meals across the day.

If you have had mezze, which is a selection of small dishes often served in middle eastern restaurants, then you have likely had a version of Manakish. 

This is a very simple recipe that you can make ahead and bake fresh when you have guests. Try your own versions of Manakish and Zaatar with any toppings you fancy like tahini and lemon or perhaps a sweeter version with figs and feta!

At Spice Quarter we value recipes that combine simplicity with healthy, in season and low-cost ingredients. You will have most of these ingredients in your pantry. All you need is our Za'atar spice blend!

So here's how we made Manakish with our own Spice Quarter Za'atar spice blend.


  • 1 packet dry yeast (7g/0.25oz)
  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1/3 cup olive oil,
  • 5g Za'atar Spice Blend
  • 2tbs caster sugar
  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1tbs salt
  • feta cheese
  • mint leaves



Spice Quarter Za'atar Flatbread

  • In a bowl add the flour, yeast, oil, water, salt and sugar. Stir to form a dough

Spice Quarter Za'atar Flatbread

  • Knead on a floured surface for 5-10 minutes or until smooth
  • Place the dough in a greased bowl, cover and allow to rise in a warm place for one hour or until the dough has doubled in size

Spice Quarter Za'atar Flatbread

  • Halve the dough and roll into two equal sized rectangles about 1/2 inch thick
  • Mix the Za'atar with some olive oil

Spice Quarter Za'atar Flatbread

  • Top the flatbread dough with the Za'atar paste and bake for 15 minutes* at 180C(350F) or until golden and cooked through

Spice Quarter Za'atar Flatbread

  • Top with feta and mint leaves and serve

So there you have it, the Spice Quarter way to make Manakish flatbread with our very own Za'atar spice blend! 

We hope you enjoyed making this recipe. Let us know what you think by commenting on this page.

Make sure you seal your spices tight and store in a dry place until you need it again.

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Here's to great cooking!


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