Spice Quarter Australia | Garlic Steak Spice Blend | Charred Steak with Herbed Garlic

Spice Quarter Australia | Garlic Steak Spice Blend | Charred Steak with Herbed Garlic

A chef once said to me that too many people ruin good meat by simply trying too hard! They try fancy techniques and numerous ingredients while attempting to create the perfect steak or a prize-winning barbeque. The reality is that the less you mess with the meat, the better it tastes. 

This is particularly true of red meat. A superior cut of meat really needs very little done to it to enhance its flavour to the maximum. Yet, many a barbeque has been ruined with tough, dry meat that even the fanciest of gadgets cannot save. 

In reality, there are only a few key tips to bear in mind while cooking meat. 

1. Allow the meat to reach room temperature before cooking

2. Pat dry before cooking

3. Season generously

4. Preheat the grill, oven or barbeque fully before you begin cooking. 

5. Rest the meat before serving

Bearing this in mind we decided to take a simple route with our herby Garlic Steak Spice Blend. As the name of the blend suggests, this mix is meant to be used with steak but you can also use it in many other ways. Try in on sliced potatoes to make a crunchy snack or perhaps add it to a marinade for lamb.

We suggest you use this recipe to perfect your meat cooking skills, like we did!

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  • 10g Garlic Steak Spice Blend
  • 2 steak fillets (we used scotch fillets)
  • steamed or roasted vegetables to serve



Spice Quarter Garlic Steak

  • Rub the Garlic Steak Spice Blend on the steak fillets making sure it is well covered on all sides
  • In a hot pan or barbeque, melt some butter

Spice Quarter Garlic Steak

  • Place the steak in the hot pan and cook for between 1 to 2 minutes* to suit your preference

Spice Quarter Garlic Steak

  • Flip the steak and cook the other side for 1 minute
  • Allow it to rest for 5 minutes

Spice Quarter Garlic Steak

  • Slice and serve with steamed or roasted vegetables

Make sure you seal your spices tight and store in a dry place until you need it again.

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