How To Use Spices To Make Dessert

How To Use Spices To Make Dessert

Spices are the most vital inclusion in any meal; the very heart of the dish. They bring to life the flavours, aroma and sometimes visual notes in the dish.

Spices mesmerise your eyes with vibrant colours. They intrigue our senses, make us inquisitive with the aroma and then finally we transcend to a place of utmost joy through the flavour that spices impart.

'Spices' is an inclusive term. Spices can be anything from a humble mixture of salt & pepper to the most elegant and rich mixture of different herbs and spices from across the globe. The most important factor is the delicate use of such beautiful & exotic blends of spices in a dish.

How To Use Spices To Make Dessert

Spices have a varied number of application since the human race discovered that everyday foods like meat, veg and grains could be enhanced in infinite ways through these spices. It is believed that spices were even used in the mummification process in Egypt or applied for medical purposes dating back to 2000 BC. Spices are versatile and their application knows no bounds.

One of the applications this blog dwells on is the use of spices in desserts and how spices can very well complement and pack abundant flavour into sweet dishes.

Although desserts are known to be a sweet accompaniment, spices play an important role in enhancing and balancing the sweetness.

Spice Quarter Dessert

Photo courtesy: Anubhavati 

Indian food often incorporates spices in sweet dishes. One such example is a sweet rice pudding, prominently found in South of India and locally known as “Payasam”. Two of the many ingredients used to create this dish are ground cardamom & cloves. They are added to accentuate the sweet flavours in the pudding by giving it a complete and well-rounded flavour.

Spice Quarter Dessert Spice

The application of spice in something like your everyday cookie recipe adds a unique flavour dimension and gives your sensory receptors a well-deserved tickle. There are so many spices that can be used in desserts. Today we would like to share some of our favourite recipes with you.


Photo courtesy: House And Garden

Nutmeg: Known to have aromatic, slightly sweet but woody flavour with hints of clove. And a  perfect way to enjoy this is with this easy recipe for Nutmeg & Custard Tarts

Gingerbread Cake Cookies

Photo courtesy: The Kitchn

Allspice: It is known to be very fragrant and might remind you of mix of cloves, cinnamon & nutmeg. One of the ways we found this spice can used is in Gingerbread Cake Cookies

Spice Quarter Dessert Cinnamon
Cinnamon: Consists of sweet, spicy and woody aroma with hints of clove & citrus. One of best way to enjoy this spice on a hot summer day is Cinnamon Sugar ice Cream

Sticky Pear and Ginger Cake

Photo courtesy: Good Food

Ginger: Known to have a fresh, lemony, zingy & pungent aroma. Why not try the Sticky Pear and Ginger Cake recipe

Cardamom Orange Scones Photo courtesy: Pinch Me, I'm Eating!

Cardamom: Has a strong, herbal & citrus profile. Why not try this in Cardamom Orange Scones?

We will be releasing our very own spiced dessert recipe very soon in the April spice box, watch this space to find out more!


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