5 Tips To Cooking With Spices

5 Tips To Cooking With Spices

Have you recently started using dry spices in your cooking? Or do you want to but you simply dont know how to use spice mixes?

Keep reading to discover our tried and tested top 5 Tips To Cooking With Spices.


Store your spices in a dry and cool area. Avoid direct sunglight as this speeds up the breakdown of the organic compounds in the spices. Ensure that your spices are in a sealed container or pack and avoid exposure to moisture.

Less is more

When using spices you are not familiar with, follow a recipe that is designed for the particular brand of spice you are using. Spices from different brands have different compositions and this can affect the intensity of flavour. When in doubt add less than you think you need. It is easy to add more spice but difficult to fix an over-spiced dish!

Taste, test, repeat

Taste your dish as you are cooking it to ensure that the flavours are balanced to your preference. Add more spice or seasonings as per your preference.


Choose accompanying dishes that will enhance the flavour of the spices you have used. For example, if you are cooking a spicy curry consider a cooling yoghurt accompaniment or if you are using a meat rub for your barbecue, add in a fresh salad.

Use the right tools

Spice blends often intensify in flavour overnight. That is why day-old curry always tastes better! Bear this in mind if you are cooking ahead of time and adjust your seasoning accordingly.


These are the 5 tips we follow everyday when we test recipes in the Spice Quarter kitchen. Did you find these tips useful? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Here's to great cooking!


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